Service 1 (doctors )

Our doctors are the best and most famous in the field of plastic surgery, dentistry, beautification and in the field of health treatment with regard to infertility, procreation and IVF, where we offer free consultations and special offers for operations

Service 2 (plastic surgery and other health consultations and offers)

We offer all plastic surgeries, in addition to cosmetic dentistry, infertility treatment, IVF, and everything related to medical consultations in all fields and specialties.

Service 3 (medical tourism)

Secure flight reservations, private cars and transportation during the stay, in addition to hotel reservations and special tourist trips with the best services and lowest prices


Frequently Asked Questions

Medical consultations is about presenting the case to the specialized consultant doctors and giving the optimal solution for free, and then setting the dates for the operations and their costs.

The process of rebuilding or repairing parts of the body by transferring tissues, whether in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons

When we suffer from fractures and deformities in the nasal bone, when we suffer from excessive weight and inconsistent shape, when we suffer from a health problem that requires surgery, when exposed to an accident such as burns and others,

After ten days of transplantation, the transplanted hair will fall out, but the new hair will begin to appear naturally after three months of transplantation and will continue to be completed within a year from the date of transplantation, and the results will appear during the first eight months, and the doctor will determine during the observation period whether the person needs a second session of hair transplant or not

The final, stable shape of the nose does not appear after the operation until after a full year of rhinoplasty has passed